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Bob´s vision

We are an independent creative studio specializing in branding, packaging and web design. At Bob Agency strategic marketing and art are living under one roof. Our vision is to place the creative person at the forefront of our appreciation, since independent creativity, freedom and openness are our greatest human resources.

We love creating, launching and cultivating brands


This elegant cosmetic brand for hair care products comes directly from Switzerland – pure, yet full of nature and mystery.

Our task: naming, branding, packaging design and product shooting.



Proudly we are presenting this new banana banderole for tiny junior bananas. Available at all ALDI-Süd stores from start of 2020. This is how exotic fruits are fun!

BOB`s task: new banderole design

bob agency - Bandarole für Dole Bananen

Holistic branding –
that is what we are good at


Brands are built by ideas. That’s why we start right here. Merging logic, creativity, and analytic thinking into a clearly defined, long term brand strategy.


Whatever a professional brand needs to say, show or have, we got it: We develop and implement logo, corporate design, internal and external communication, advertisement, sales material, web design, and much more.


Bob Agency creates all the texts you need for your professional marketing and web presence. In order to let your brands grow and give them the right personality, we attach great importance to the wording and the correct positioning of your brand. We develop slogans, ad texts, quick-witted headlines, completely new brand or product names, as well as informative texts. Everything you need from a single source.


Even in times of digitalisation packaging design has still one of the most powerfull impacts on the consumer. 70% of all buying decisions are made within the first three seconds facing a product. All you need is an instantly convincing packaging design. Let us do so.


You want to create new ideas or simply want to evolve unconventional thinking in your team? Let us assist you with our experience and an individual approach matching your needs and goals. Let’s create something new. Together.


Each employee has a very special talent, which we use for our unique output. We put the creative person into its natural environment and give him space for expansion. Thus, our creative input always goes beyond the horizon.


There is no such powerful motor as an authentic vision. Found yours yet? If not we’d be happy to find it, develop it, and make it as strong and positively driving for you, as possible.

We love create new brands and give old ones a new life

Branding and packaging design is our mission. In all we do we put a lot of dedication and commitment. Here is a choice of our latest works.

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We contagiously love what we do, no matter if it‘s a new brand development or a relaunch. BOB is happy to get to work for you. And to make you happy, too.