We offer holistic
branding & packaging design

bob agency - Design Desk

That includes: conception, brand strategy, creative workshops, logo and corporate identity, photography and art direction, packaging and advertising, for print and digital media.

We love creating, launching and cultivating brands

BOB – buero of branding – was founded by Maria Borgwardt in 2017, after beeing selfemployed for five years. BOB is a collective for artists like graphic designer, illustrators, photographer and

painter that want to revolutionize the common agency scenery by staying free in mind, focussed in strategy, and uncompromising in creativity. Creative Professionals that don’t just do their job but act on their calling. Passionate, fresh and remarkably rare.

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What we offer is unique

bob art - about - painting abstract
bob art - about - painting abstract

Creativity combines the urge to express with the will to invent something new.
A process that can be seen as art itself which is why each of us individually works on different art projects to keep the flame of creativity burning.

Have a look at ART.BOB.VISION.